Yokou is a young boy and cousin of Light Yagami. Unlike Light, Yokou is born and raised in America. A year after Kira is caught, he finds a Death Note and jokingly writes down the name of N. After returning home he hears of the news that N is dead and it was from a heart attack. Everyone is in an uproar as Yokou meets Light, who is now a Shinigami, and causes the deaths of criminals to happen in a different countries in order to draw attention away from himself.


Yokou's history is that of an above-average school boy. He is a 4.0 student who has been in student council for two years, working on his third, and gets the girls. He is on the basketball team and manages the football team. Yokou isn't in a relationship with anyone when he picks up the Death Note. His fears are heights and trapped situations.


Yokou is a kindhearted student who is constantly being involved with his friends. He looks out for everyone, even after finding the Death Note. He is complex, and has very high leveled thinking skills. His first demonstration of his though abilities are after assassinating the Queen of England. Light is irritated by the fact he is exactly the same after finding the Death Note, and even is kinder and has a greater respect of life after obtaining the Death Note.


  • High Level Thought- The ability to think on a level extremely high. His estimated I.Q. is 400.
  • Heightened Senses- Yokou is able to sense vibrations in the ground and find someone without looking, hear people whispering from across a large room {even picking out who it is}, and many other sense abilities.
  • Chi Control- Yokou can control his Chi like an ancient martial artist.


  • Yokou is DNAP's main character.
  • Even though Yokou is the main character, he is the fourth character introduced.
  • Yokou is the only character in the Death Note series to have powers other than the eyes or a Death Note.
  • Yokou is based off of the Japanese word for leadership.