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The blue haired boy lay awake in his bed. The roaring of thunder coming down from the sky. Rain dripping down from the roof tops. Everything seemed normal in his town.

If your expecting this boy to be a jolly good, happy main character. Well your right but not for long. Something big will happen. Now your expecting me to introduce this main character but this time your wrong. But I think a quick description will do.

This boy appears as a young man with blue hair and a strange reddish marking/tattoo under and above his right eye, which he has had since his childhood. His eyes are dark brown, which look very like black eyes. The boy tends to pick black, gold clothes. But he is seen wearing a dark blue hoodie, quite a bit.

The boy was listening to the evil voice inside him saying evil things. But the boy did not listen to the voice inside him. He listens to his heart.

"Xavier Scar! Breakfast is ready!" a women voice rang from below "G-getting up in a minute" the boy who turns out to be Xavier Scar shouts from above.

Xavier is a fun young man but is very lazy. He would sleep all day if it wasn't for his demanding mother.

"Xavier up now!" she roars like a lion about to catch its prey "Okay. Okay" Xavier replies like it meaned nothing

He moves his fingers to the side of the bed and pushes himself up, he slowly put on some clothers and walks downstairs where he enters to a happy family sitting round the table.

"Morning" Xavier said pausing looking round the table of faces staring up at him.