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William is a leader of the Mafia and Shizou/S best friend.


William got tan hair and hazel eyes. He usually seen wearing laid-back casual clothes. A long-sleeve t-shirt and a black jeans with pair of black converse.
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William is a laid-back and cool collected. He have a bad habit of smoking. He is a hacker and can break in firewall under 1 minutes. He hardly care much about people around him expect Shizou, Mizou and Cendre.


William's mother Cindy died in car crash and his father Alfred consumed in grief and soon became acholic and abusive. He blamed William for his mother's death and later commited suicide by shot himself in the head in front of William. William was mentally affected and slowly recovered in Wammy's House. He later met Shizou and became friends with him. He also adore Mizou and is over-protective with Mizou because he sees Mizou as his younger sister. After when he found out Shizou took L's place, he decided to formed a Mafia group.