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Hey, I choose to make a Fan-Fiction here and I need help with a name. I'm going to give some general info. of what I'm trying to accomplish.

Info. The story will take place 7 years after the Light Yagami incident. It will follow Near as a main character (Opposite of the stories where Light was the main) who now has became more like L, both mentally and physically. The new Kira is trying to do what the past Kira failed. He wants to achieve perfection, to kill anyone in his path. Unlike Light, he is doing it more effectively. He learned on Light's mistakes, and is ready to attack now. What I am trying to accomplish is to show the interactions of Near and the new Kira, the fight to outsmart each other.

  • Death Note: The Distance
  • Death Note: Perfect Connections
  • Death Note: Successing Perfection
  • Death Note: Distant Connections
  • Death Note: Near Rivals
  • Death Note: Near Enemies
  • Death Note: Close Distance

I honestly prefer the last suggestion, as well as the first one. I now need to ask, what do you think?