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Yes, I'm going to start a fan-fiction on here. But I can't choose out the name. Here are my current options:

  1. Death Note: Standing Apart
  2. Death Note: Striking Assassins
  3. Death Note: Sayanora, Assassins (my least favorite)
  4. Death Note: So Alone
  5. Death Note: Sorrow Again
  6. Death Note: Stained Aggression
  7. Death Note: Stranded Atonement (my personal favorite)

If anybody can choose for me, or think up a new one (SA has to be the initials, due to the fact that SA has a special meaning,), I would appreciate it.

EDIT: There are two main characters.

EDIT 2: As a note before reading, I haven't seen all of Death Note. The main characters are Ryuk, Jeremy Stratus (Age 16, lives in Cambridge, MA), Nikolas Claus (Age 18, wanders around as a Nomad in Germany), and <REDACTED>. Jeremy and Nikolas have Ryuk's Death Notes, as Ryuk has 2. <REDACTED> comes along as a spy in the late Massacre Season, and doesn't become a main character until the Unforgivable Season. Ryuk makes "the Shingami eye deal" in the Massacre Season.

EDIT 3: The title's been confirmed! It is...

"Death Note: Standing Apart!"