Death Note Fanon Wiki

Hello, I'm Ariadne, I'm new here, so please don't ring my neck if I goof up on the canon! ;) 

To be honest, I don't know much about the canon. I only recently found out about Death Note. I've watched a few of the animated episodes, and a few clips from the movies. At the moment I have the movies on order from Amazon, so once I get them I will be able to follow the story more. If you knew how I got into Death Note, you would either laugh or think me a total nut, but either way the thing that sucked me in was a fascination with Ryuk. 

I am working on a fic, if it's permissible to put it here when it's done. The only Death Note character involved is Ryuk, and the others are a few characters I've created. It eludes to the Death Note story line, and follows the rules of posessing a notebook. I have a couple of questions, if someone wouldn't mind taking a moment to answer them, please. I have a couple of things in my story's plot line that may or may not be feasible depending on Ryuk's abilities. 

I don't know the ropes of being in a Fandom yet, so please bear with me. If I goof up, I apologize. If I sound like I'm typing this while half asleep, the label on the allergy medicine I took said "Daytime Formula", on which I call bull. I feel like I am nearing an antihistamine induced coma. 

So this is my little introduction. Hello, world!