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May 15th 2002 BIRTHDAY! Journal Entry 1

It's my birthday today and I have a great life. I have people who love me and I live in a house where I'm supposed to be a successor to the greatest detective, L... But there is something I don't have - friends...

Beyond wiped a tear and laughed because he was crying on his birthday.

I talk to people. I can see people, but they aren't human. They're shinigamis. I know it sounds stupid, but I can see them and talk to them. They're my friends. I thought they were all evil, but they aren't. They're nice to me. They say I'm like them and I know why - it's because of my eyes. I was born like them. I can see peoples deaths and names, I know peoples names right away and it doesn't help when people ask how I know because I say "I can see it.".  I don't even want to be here which is why I'm writing in here, this book and what I'm about to do will be my escape from here. I'm leaving now, my bags are packed and I'm leaving.

May 16th 2002 Journal Entry 2

I am going by Beyond Birthday if anyone ask, I don't them to find me so I have to know I cant be tracked down, all I have is $500 I saved up over the past, this journal, and a sleeping bag. With all this walking I'm not going to be able to write that often. But I will keep writing I'll starting writing again on July 30th.