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The Kira Society is the central name of the protagonists of the upcoming series The World's in Pain. The Society was founded in August of 2011, when four individuals met in the room of a New York City hotel and began discussing the state of the world and how Kira had affected it, as they had been doing for several months (via online chatting and email) preceding the meeting. The members of the Kira Society are as follows:

The Fifth Kira, the Kira of Europe, and the leader of the KS: (Alias:Richard Miyagi) Kevin Higame was born in London, Great Britain in the year 1987. He is of Japanese descent and speaks the language, but was brought up by his parents in London, where they immigrated to in 1984. Following his own personal investigation into the Kira case, Kevin was inspired by the actions of Raito Yagami, realizing that his sort of vigilante mantra could allow him to gather the same sort of powerful following.

The Sixth Kira, the Kira of Asia: (Alias:Renee Li) Lily Adari was born in Japan, in June of 1989. Troubled by the state of catatonia that her peer Sayu fell into following her kidnapping during the climactic events of the Kira case, Lily began to delve into researching the case as it developed until its culmination with the deaths of Raito and Soichiro, Sayu's brother and father. Following the end of the case, she pursued Touta Matsuda to discover the truth behind their deaths. Eventually, he broke down and confessed that Raito had been the First Kira and was responsible for Soichiro's death. He also admitted that he was the one to finally end Kira's reign by shooting Raito to death. Lily smacked Matsuda for killing the man that she considered to be a vanguard of justice, and then she abruptly left him.

The Seventh Kira, the Kira of Oceania: (Alias:Mel Brising) Toby Carey was born in a small Australian rural community in the year 1991. The unionized movement of Australian crime syndicates known as 'The Knights of Anarchy' successfully overthrew the Australian government in late 2010 in an attempt to prevent the rise of another Kira. Following his forced migration to the UK and the deaths of his family members, Toby's mental state would be considered tenuously stable at best. After these events, he came into contact with Kevin Higame, who enlightened him on the events related to the Kira that he had heard of. Believing that he could avenge his family with the aid of one of the Death Notes that Higame spoke of, Toby learned the philosophy of Kira as Higame's disciple.

The Eighth Kira, the Kira of South America: Angela Satasco's profile is pending.