"My uncle never wanted to be God, his Kira half stole his soul, He just wanted to fix the world, please forgive him."

Tashi Yagami
Featured In
Death Note: Redemption
Sayu Yagami (mother)
Light Yagami (uncle)
Sachiko Yagami (grandmother)
Soichiro Yagami (grandfather)

Tashi Yagami is the nephew of Light Yagami, and protagonist of the series Death Note: Redemption. His goal is to help his now reincarnated uncle, who serves as his Shinigami, to atone for his sins and stop The Damned One.


Unlike his uncle, Tashi is a very forgiving and kind young man and doesn't give in to power. He only uses the Death Note as self-defense, and even when using it he makes the deaths as humane and ethical as possible. He also seem's to be one of only few who is forgiving to Light and see's that there is still some good in him.


  • "Look, Uncle; I understand why you went insane, so much crime was happening in your home and you were shaking your fist at God saying 'Why are you letting this happen to me!?' and you thought you could overthrow him and do a better job, but there's one thing that you must know: No one can handle the title of God but God himself, those who tried went insane and could not handle it. That's what happened to you uncle! You became so hateful and angry that you just wanted to take it out on the whole world! I don't want to do that! I want to help you see what crimes you committed and feel again!"
  • "The world is not rotting, it's suffering! Of course I don't like the bad things in the world, but I like the good parts! The good people and things throughout the ages, or does that not count Uncle!?"
  • "You see that damned Shinigami? You created that monster! Your hate and anger made that abomination!"
  • "SHUT UP! I don't want hear your sob stories about why what you did was justified because it wasn't! *mimics* Why can't the universe be nicer to me!? I want to be a God! I'm gonna punish the world because nothing is going my way! I hate everybody for no good reason and I'm gonna feel sorry for myself!
  • "Do you even think about the families and friends you hurt, including your own!? What would happen if you became a God!? Would you remove love, peace, and hope from the world!? That is not justice or the ideas of God. It's the ideas of the devil; you would make the world Hell!"
    "Why did you cause such damage uncle? Did you enjoy tormenting innocent people? Do you even know what justice even means anymore!? Of course you don't, you just used that death to...To throw a homicidal temper tantrum! You should be grateful that I'm one of the only few who can show you some forgiveness!"