fans of death note who do not belive light yagami can become a shinigomi

ryuk gave over enough evidence in the relight visions of a god go watch for your self twards the end21:52, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

Hi guys, first time posting here. I am watching Death NOte and during the beginning of episode 4, Liht, after refusing the eyes deal, mention that if he start bargaining for eyes and ears etc, he woud become a shinigami. it could be a foreshadowing­­­ 23:02, April 4, 2013 (UTC)

Glad to hear that you've started watching Death Note. It's a great series, though I for one prefer the manga. However, this theory is based on the events which happen in Death Note: Relight 1 and Death Note: Relight 2, which is, as you can guess, a rewrite of the Death Note anime, which changes certain aspects and events that occurred in the anime. Therefore, there wouldn't be any foreshadowing in the anime; that would mean they had already come up with the idea of the rewrite, which wouldn't make any sense, seeing as, if that were the case, the things that happen later in the anime which they change in ReLight would have already been written that way.
Additionally, I am the one who wrote this page, and so allow me to point out that this is "Light's Reincarnation Theory". It is a theory which some, but all not fans believe. It is a theory because it is not a fact, and has never been confirmed. I, for one, am highly skeptical of this theory, and have a hard time buying it for several reasons. So I think stating that there are some people who disagree with this theory is perfectly reasonable. 
StillAlive (talk) 23:46, June 5, 2013 (UTC)
RE: Light Reincarnation Theory

You mentioned this shinigami as an argument against your theory. I think this shinigami represents a different person. I think it represents Misa Amane. Take a look at the shinigami's coat. That is the same Misa was wearing when she got kidnapped. Notice they are playing a card game together during this situation. Now look at her skull, an Ace of Spades possibly symbolizing said card game.

My speculation: After Light has been caught, all people known to be part of it were caught as well and Ryuk ended up writing Misa Amane on his death note as well. The opening near this shinigami's eyes and mouth represents tears. Likely from the crying after hearing Light was dead. In one of the credits scene, we have seen her standing on a building, which could signify suicide. We know a death note allows you to specify the cause of death, so maybe Ryuk has written the cause of death alonside it as well, as to not cause suspicion?

Jappards (talk) 16:15, March 31, 2017 (UTC)

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