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Shizou/S Heiwajima
Also Known As
Mizou Hewajima (younger sister)

Shizou Heiwajima' is a older brother of Mizou Hewajima. He takes L's place to investigate the fifth and sixth Kira.


He has gray-brown hair and neon green eyes. He usually wears black clothes. He has two earrings on his left ear. He is usually seen with his pet snake.


He cares deeply for Mizou. He would never harm her. But to everyone else, he is cruel and manipulative. He is very cunning and likes to trick people into doing things for him. Shizou is abusive to people close to him. He is very rude to people and loves to tease. He also enjoys playing games. Shizou is on the same level as L and this is the main reason why they chose him to take L's place (probably hoping he would get killed by Kira). Shizou loves apples and food that Mizou cooks for him.


His past is not known, he and Mizou was took in Wammy's House in very young age and Watari is a old relative of Hewajima. They met L and helped him with cases when needed. William is only his true friend beside his sister and Watari. William is a leader of the mafia. When Shizou took L's place, he became suspicious of Ffion and Yasser.


  • (To Ffion) "In the garden, it was a snake that lured Eve to eat the apple. Care for a bite?"