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Sakura is best friend with Ffion Griffiths and looked after the Yugari Twins. She supported "Kira" for Ffion


Sakura got long wavy pink hair with green eyes. She don't have any fashion style or so she claimed. Sakura is seen wearing a red tube top and a black long and elbow sleeve cardigan, with black shirt and black leggings underneath. She wore black flat shoes and fingerless gloves also she wore a red and yellow tie. Her alias is "Akemi"



Sakura is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent but rarely show used her intelligent until when neccessery. She don't trust people and avoid contract with other people due to her past. She only adored Yugari Twins and Ffion also Augustine which she see as her own family. She willing to help her "family" without hesitation. She used her charms to manipulation people into doing what she wants them to do. She sees everyone as a digusting creatures expect her "family".


Sakura had been abused and used in her life which is why she rarely open with other people. Sakura used her charms to steal things and learned how to hack into computers and pick a lock. She grew up in Los Angeles where she met Ffion and they both developed a sister-like relationship. She looked up at Ffion as her older sister and a idol. Ffion took her under her wing and moved to Tokyo and named the house "Glass House". Sakura didn't not believed what Ffion taught her about Shinigami and Death Note but believed her after she see the proof with her own eyes. She never doubt Ffion's words again. She later met Augustine, the university student. Augustine is the one who became suspicious about Sakura and Ffion. Augustine found out about Ffion's secret and Sakura past which is unknown how Augustine found out. Augustine, later moved into the Glass House. Sakura still don't trust her but slowly trusted her and sees her as a motherly figure and respect her.

Sakura later met the orphans' twins, Homika and Hanna. Sakuar decided to take them under her wing and taught them everything she knew. She supported "Kira" for Ffion even though she doesn't trust "Kira". She sometimes tease Ffion about Shizou and she found Mizou as "cute".


  • (To Ffion) "Kira"? He is a digusting rotton creature but I will support him for you, only for you Ffion."
  • (To Augustine) "I don't trust you..."
  • "Normal is never my style."
  • (To Homika and Hanna) "Want to prank S?..."
  • "They are disgusting scrum of a creature and they say they are humans. Ha! What a laugh!"