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Rin's outfit in the movie

Rin is the main protagonist of the movie and narrator. Rin is seen at the beginning complaining of how cold it is inside her heart and she is trying to remember a boy who made her happy. Rin then is confronted by Akito who expresses how he missed her. It turns out that 17 years ago, Rin was found in an abandoned house that was located in North Korea. She was named Izumi ( Means fountain) after the small village she was found in. Later on, Izumi was adopted by Yoko Sohma and was placed in the Sohma household. Izumi went with Yoko to work everyday (According to her husband, Yoko worked as scientist and founder of the Sohma rescearch facility). But Yoko also did expierments on Izumi and then placed Izumi as the Queen of the Deck of Cards. When Izumi was five, Yoko believed that Izumi needed a mate or partner so she went and adopted Akito (Means satsifed person) as the King. Akito seemed to love Izumi and even gave her the nickname Rin ( Means companian). One day, Rin couldn't take being around Akito (He is mentally insane) and left the group to live a normal life. Years later, Rin is forced by Akito to rejoin or everyone she knows and love willl die. When she is leaving with Akito, Light tries to stop her but he collapses and Rin gives him a kiss and leaves. Rin is seen later on imprisoned and Akito is telling her how much she means to him. Rin tells him how she wants to live a normal which this angers Akito who hits Rin telling that she belongs to him and no one else. At the end, Rin is rescued and as Akito slowly disapears, Rin tells Akito how he made her happy for a long time and now he must go to rest. She reaches her hand out to him but as he almost touches it. Akito dissapears. After the credits, Rin is standing by his grave telling Akito that he must rest now. Light calls Rin who turns and see Light, Ryuk, Sasame, and Hei. She runs up and walks with them.