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"Near, based on what we've been able to find out from this investigation, we believe 2-Kira is a previous student from Wammy's. No regular person could accomplish something like this, not even Light Yagami."-R

R and Q are an investigative duo that appear in Death Note 2: The Ones Who Succeed as side protagonists to the main characters, Near and S . They offer bold contrast to Near's investigative methods and have much stronger characteristics and personalities too. They also both attended Wammy's House like Near, L, Mello, Matt and S, so that is proof enough that they are both very intelligent, the only reason neither of them were in the running to be L's successor was because they were always a duo and relied on each other's deductive reasoning skills.

Personal Info.

True Name(s)

Rain Whitfield and Quinn Coombs

Also Known As

R and Q

The English Investigators

Date(s) of Birth

July 22, 1989, April 9, 1990

Date(s) of Death

--- , May 7, 2017


5"9, 5"7


114 lbs, 117 lbs



9/10, 8/10


7/10, 9/10


10/10, 7/10

Emotional Strength

7/10, 8/10

Social Skills

8/10, 7/10

Other Attribute(s)

Oreo craving 10/10, Team Effort 10/10


R is an English person with high deductive skills and decent social skills. He is most commonly seen wearing a grey waistcoat with an auburn tie, but his most noticable attribute is his dark blue hair, a strange rare natural occurance a bit like albinoism, his hair has had mis-pigmentation ever since birth, causing it to be blue, however it used to be lighter when he grew up in Wammy's house. His hair is long and straight bearing strong resemblance to Mikami's. His eyes are a strong green colour and he has a small scar underneath his right eye.

Q lived the first couple of years of his life in Edinburgh in Scotland, so he has a deep voice with a strong scottish accent. He has light stubble and curly brown hair which makes him look a bit less tidy as R and a bit more scruffy. He is most commonly seen wearing a brown wastcoat with a green bow tie, but when he goes outside of Task Force HQ for the case he will wear a long black overcoat and a trilby hat, very similar to Watari's disguise. His eyes are blue and he wears a pair of glasses with a strong green tint.