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"2-Kira is a fool. He thinks he is the successor to Light Yagami, but in reality he is as much an imbecile who found an evil notebook as his 'predecessor'."------R

"Near, we don't have to fight any more, we're both aiming for the same goal so let's work together to bring 2-Kira to justice!"------Q

R and Q are side protagonists that appear in Death Note 2: The World and originated in Near: Successor To L. (The First Case) They are a pair of English investigators who start out on the 2-Kira Case working independantly as challengers to Near but eventually they end up working together to bring Shade to justice.

R and Q

True Name(s)

Rain Urie, Quinn Lucianos

Also Known As






Male, Male

Blood Type(s)


Date(s) Of Birth

May 3rd 1989, June 4th 1989


26, 26


5"8, 5"6


118 lbs, 116 lbs


Investigative Duo



9/10, 7/10


6/10, 8/10


10/10, 7/10

Emotional Strength

9/10, 9/10

Social Skills

7/10, 8/10

Other Attribute(s)

Independent Deduction: 8/10, Frontline Dedication: 9/10



R is a calm, confident young English man which bears slight resemblance to the late Mello. He was born with an un-explainable hair mis-pigmentation, causing it to be a dark blue colour, his hair being long and straight, almost looking like a mixture between Teru Mikami's and Mello's. It is thought that his hair colour is the outcome of extreme exposure to cobalt/indigo when he was a young child, that being the only rational explaination as to how it could have occured. He has the same "dead" grey eyes as Near which are always dilated and is often seen with a stern expression, though in certain circumstances he will have a slight smirk, almost evil-looking, when he senses that he is right about something. He is always seen with a grey waistcoat, burgundy bowtie, white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and grey trousers. He has no further distinct features beside his blue hair and English accent.


Q is a practical reflection of R. He is less serious and bears resemblance to the late Matt. He has Ocular Albinism, which effects his eyesight with various problems, due to this he has to wear special green glasses, and they are the most prominant feature of him. He has thick, chestnut brown fluffy hair which rests flat on his head above his glasses and slight stubble. He is always seen wearing a very similar outfit to R, a brown waistcoat, navy bowtie, sleeves left down on his white shirt and brown trousers. He also has an English accent as with R.