Featured In
The Beginning of the End
True Name
Piper (family name is unknown)
Also Known As
Piper Riddle
Date of Birth
October 11th, 1991
10 (at debut)
13 (pre-timeskip)
18 (post-timeskip)
Annabelle Riddle (adoptive mother)
Emotional Strength
Social Skills

"If you could have just one wish, what would it be? I would probably wish for something simple. Something so simple, yet so hard to obtain. I’d wish for a normal, happy life. That’s something I’d never really had. Maybe at some points it was happy, but normal? Never."

— Patience (The Beginning of the End)

Patience (ペイシェンス, Peishensu) is one of the main characters of Riddles. The story is named after her family name.

Patience narrates the first nine chapters, and the narration is switched off between her and Allison thereafter.


Patience grew up in America with her adoptive mother, but later becomes an orphan at The Wammy's House, where she meets many new people including Near, Mello, Matt and Allison.

Eventually Patience finds evidence that her birth-mother might be in Japan, and the next chapter starts with a timeskip. Mello, one of Patience's friends, leaves to work on the Kira case, having offered Patience the opportunity to come with him. Later Patience leaves Wammy's to help Near work on the Kira case (and hopefully, find her birth-mother), her best friend Allison asking her to bring back Mello.

After that, Patience goes off to work on the Kira case, search for her mother, and find Mello, but she eventually finds herself having feelings she doesn't recognize. When Patience finds Mello, she tells Birdie to call Allison and inform her. Patience runs after Mello, who pulls a gun on her and asks who she is. Realizing that it is her, Mello puts down the gun and asks what she wants. She yells at him, asking him how he could just leave and forget about everyone. She then hugs Mello, fighting back tears, and lets go of him after a moment. The two part ways, and Patience then talks to Birdie, who tells her that Alison is on her way.


As a child, Patience appears to be comfortable with approaching and talking to new people, though after her adoptive mother's death, she begins to worry that anyone close to her, like her mother, will leave. While not exactly shy, Patience prefers not to be the center of attention.

After the time skip, when she is an SPK member, Patience is extremely timid and self-conscious. She sees to have separation anxiety and abandonment issues, and is convinced that anyone close to her will leave. Patience has a tendency to stutter when speaking to people she doesn't know well, especially when she is the center of attention. She also claims to have a hard time making eye contact with people and rarely talks.

However, in the most recent chapter, after Near encourages her to give her input, she continues to speak up even though she doesn't have to, which Allison notes to be surprisingly out of character for Patience.


  • Apparently Piper’s name was originally going to be Paige Evans, after changing Paige to Piper, the author looked up last names and when Riddle was found, they thought it would go nicely with the theme of the story, and so it was chosen, and the name of the story based off of it.
  • When contemplating Piper's alias, the author Riddles, "fell in love with, and decided to use, the name 'Patience' after reading Bad Girls Don't Die, by Kate Alender"[2].