Near (Programed)
Near is a brillant young man and has reappeared to stop the newest kira Himui Toda who he thinks of as a worthy but troubled rival


Near is a tall teenage boy.he wears all white not inclubing his pants.With glowing white hair.And a white uniform style of shirt he has had since as long as he can remember it uses to be very big for him now he fits them perfectly.He wears mellow blue meaning that it is light blue and some dark blue as well skinny jeans.He normally doesn't wear any shoes and like the orginal L walks around bare footed.


Near is very distant from others but has gotten to have more emotions for certain he thinks are important more than he did at the end of the orginal series.He now has a few facial expressions.And cares about people more but must distanct himself from some even if they are important to him thats he has to push them away so they wont get hurt being around Near.


Near after being saved by Near at the cost of his life went into hiding.Only coming out into the public when a kira case has gone to far for regular forces to handle.But if that doesn't happen he lives out most of his days in vacation house that was made a few years ago when Near started to over work himself and needed an break.He might take very interesting cases if he sees fit but he normally calls the shots from behide the scenes.His main work after programed was finding the orgins of the internet based book and nobody.