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Debut Death Note: OT "Cravings" Chapter 1
Birthday August 24, 1994
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as Near, N, L,
Sign Virgo
Age (at start of Our Truths) 28 years old
Status at debut


Leader of the SPK

The World's Greatest Detective

Relations SPK
Knowledge 8/10
Conceptualization Power 10/10
Will to act 7/10
Motivation 10/10
Social Skills 1/10


Near, also referred to as L, is a human and the antagonist of Death Note: Our Truths, spending all of his time chasing down both Kira and the enigmatic C.


Much like his personality in the original Death Note, Near in Our Truths is calculated and emotionless. His tendency to play with toys while thinking is still featured. But, due to his age, this is much less prominent than before. He also remains with the SPK, as its leader. The entire organization has expanded to take on the growing problems in the world. However, at this time Near has withdrawn, in similar to fashion as L, promoting Commander Rester to be the face of the SPK.



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