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Mr. E is a crimminal mastermind who was raised at Wammy's House.


E has middle length orange hair, and blue eyes. He wears a black trench coat, with a large green ankh on the back, a green button up shirt, and black dress pants and dress shoes.


E is incredibly smart, and is obsessed with games and puzzles.  He is a narcissist with OCD, as he always sends a puzzle to the police before a crime, and upon solveing the puzzle, will reveal the location of his next bomb. Simmilarly, he will play games with the cops for the lives of his victems, such as when he had the police commishiner play clock solitair for bombs on a ferris wheel.


He is the current worlds greatest crimminal, compeating with Near (the new L) and even revealing Near's identity to the public. But when a new kira appears, he joins near to catch him, but turns it into a game for his own amusement.