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Mizou Heiwajima
Shizou (older brother)

Mizou Heiwajia is the younger sister of Shizou. She possesses the ability to tell whether or not someone is lying.


She hast long, curly brown hair and amber eyes. She wears a yellow and white striped top and navy blue skinny jeans with brown boots.


Lika Hanna Yugari, Mizou is a shy and soft-spoken. She always addressed Ffion as "Nee-san" which is stated that she sees Ffion as her older sister and respect her. Mizou is one of the person who know about L. Mizou respect her older brother but disagreed with Shizou in L's place because she is afraid he would end up like L. She loves cooking and always bring over rice cakes to Shizou. She also made a chocolate cake for Ffion when she or Ffion visited each other.


Mizou's past is not known nor where she got the ability from. It is known that she and Shizou took in Wammy's House in very young age also remembered her past clearly. Watari is a old relative of Hewajima. They met L and helped him with cases when needed. When Shizou took L's place, Mizou became very afraid that Shizou will end up like L and when she met Ffion, she find her "strange but nice". She learned who Ffion is and promised to keep Ffion's secret from Shizou. She is a huge fan of Amulet and is shocked when she found out Ffion is Amulet and overjoyed that her "Nee-san" is a famous idol, actress and model.