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Name: Misa Amane

Age: Part I: 21, Part II: 25


Misa has blonde hair with hazel eyes. She is a model at the age of thirteen. When Misa was sixteen, a man tried to kill her but the shinegami Jealous saved Misa at the cost of his life. Misa believed that this was Kira's doing and set on her path of finding out who kira was with her shinegami eyes.


Hana is Misa's persona. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Red and Hana grew together though she has feelings for him. Red rejects them. She cares alot about Misa and is willing to give up anything for her. Red thought he killed her but she was still alive after Misa lost all memory of the deathnote. She is now Kami's persona.


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Misa's weapon is a black scythe. Though she doesn't fight often, she can win her way into any man's heart (Expect Light). She has the shinegmai eyes which allow her to be spared by Light.


Light Yagami

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Light is Misa's boyfriend and Kira. To Misa, Light is the key to her happiness. Though she knows that she is being used, Misa will do anything for the sake of Light's love.


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Rem is the shinegami who gave Misa the deathnote that Gelus left behind. To Misa, Rem is like a protective mother. Misa is never afraid to do anything because she knows Rem will be there to protect her.


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Hana is Misa's persona. To Misa, Hana is like a sister. Misa likes to guide Hana on advice on love. It's kinda simple; Misa likes Light and Hana likes Red. Sweet isn't it? Only the boys don't care.


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Lawliet is the original L.