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Light has a random memory flash

Light was seen in the beginning chasing a demon down the street. It turns out that the demon was Akito who gained access into Light's memories and started erasing them. Later, Light meets the followers and reports the demon and what it looks like. Light then starts having memory flashes which is a quick flash of memories that are slowly being deleted. After Aktito starts attending school, Light begins to have bad headaches and images of a young Akito begins to fill his mind. Light decided to consult Akito about then but he suddenly collaspes and cannot move. The last thing he did was receive a kiss from Rin and then he lost consciousness. Light begins feeling weak and coughs up blood. When Light finally awakes, he has 6% of his memories left. But all Light knows to do is kill Akito. So he goes and ends up almost killing Akito. Light again passes out and Aktio reboots his memories. Light then remembers that he and Akito were best friends as a child but when on a field trip, Light and Akito were playing near a river and Light accidently pushed Akito in. Light wakes up but says nothing and he is seen walking (at the end) walking into a cemetary with tears in his eye staring at Akito's real grave.