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Name: Light Yagami

Age: Part I-17

Light is the main protagonist. He is a student at Daikouku Private Academy and additional classes at Gamou Prep Academy. He is constantly in fights with other seniors for the death of his girlfriend Kami Sohma who mocks how she died. He has no friends other than who he gains through the deathnote. He later becomes a student at To-Oh University but drops out after arrested as a suspect of being Kira. He plans to make the world a better place in memory of his girlfriend.


Before the series began, Light has been dating Kami Sohma since his freshmen year. They bond closely due to have been childhood friends. But during his junior year, Light is caught kissing Izumi 'Rin' Sohma (Kami's older adopted sister) causing Kami to run off and get kidnapped by a criminal. Light chases after her and has his eye sliced shut when at knife point with the criminal. Kami attempts to run away to which the criminal goes after but both die when getting hit by a car. Light is immediately taken to hospital where they do an operation to switch Light's right eye with Kami's. 

A year later, Light is still mourning Kami's death and is shunned by all the students in his grade. He receives the deathnote when it is dropped and vows to use it to make the world a better place in honor of Kami.


Hideki Ryuga
Red is Light's persona. He is cocky, annoying, and known as the other side of Light. He seems to have known Hana in a past life. He has a secret goal.