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Homika Yugari
Also Known As
Hanna Yugari (younger twin sister)

Homika Yugari is the older twin sister of Hanna Yugari


Homika has wavy, pink hair and golden, honey-comb eyes. Her fashion sense is similar to Hanna's, but instead of wearing red and hearts, she wears blue and a lightning bolt. She usually wears a blue, sleeve-less T-shirt, a black skirt with blue lines, and a black belt with a blue lightning bolt on it. She wears black, see-through, thigh-high socks with low black pumps. She also wears a black choker with a blue lightning bolt on it and a black headband with blue lines and a lightning bolt.


Unlike her quiet younger twin, she is loud and outgoing also blunt. Homika is a mischievous and love pulling pranks on others which annoyed people. She rarely leave her sister side also she love playing on guitar. She is very over-protective with Hanna.


Homika came from a rich family: the Yugari. At the age of seven, she saw her parents get murdered by a hit man who had been assigned to kill the Yugari family lineage. She escaped with her injured sister and was eventually found.

After few years went by, Sakura volunteered to help in an orphanage and she met Hanna and Homika and took interest in them. She later adopted them and takes care of them and teaches them everything that she had learned from Ffion.