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Debut Death Note: OT "Trickery" chapter 2
Birthday January 7, 1981
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as Mr. Kiryu
Sign Capricorn
Age (at start of Our Truths) 41
Status at debut Businessman

Haruki Kiryu

Masumi Kiryu

Mikara Kiryu


Knowledge 7/10
Conceptualization Power 7/10
Will to act 6/10
Motivation 8/10
Social Skills 10/10


Hideki Kiryu is a human featured in Death Note: Our Truths. He is the father of Haruki and Masumi and the husband of Mikara Kiryu.



Hideki has a stern face, with many creases. His long and tiring job has also made him look rather weary. His hair is black-grey, his eyes are brown. He has a normal weight, and a normal height. He also has a mustache.


Hideki's personality is traditional. He is the head of the family; only him. He also demands his children to perform well in school, to which Haruki does, but Masumi does not. This then explains his favoritism to his son. He also is quick to anger, and irritable as well as distant. Which all makes him well suited for his job.



  • Hideki's name is similar to Haruki's in that his means "excellent tree".