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Hanna Yugari
Also Known As
Homika Yugari (elder twin sister)

Hanna Yugari is the younger twin sister of Homika Yugari.


Hanna has wavy, pink hair and golden, honey-comb eyes. Her fashion style is similar to Homika's, but instead of blue and a bolt, it is red and a heart. She is usually seen wearing a red, sleeve-less t-shirt and a skirt black skirt with red lines, as well as a black belt with a red heart on it. She wears a black see-through thigh-high sock with low black pumps. She also wears a black choker with a red heart and a black headband with red lines and a heart.


Unlike her more outgoing older twin, she is rather shy. Hanna always takes part in her sister's mischievous pranks. She rarely leaves her sister's side. Hanna is well-behaved and always smile around people. She love match making. Hannah loves playing piano and singing.


Hanna came from a rich family line, the Yugari. At the age of seven, she witnessed her parents get murdered by a hit-man who had been assigned to kill the Yugari lineage. She escaped with her sister and end up injured in the arms, shot by the hit-man near the foster-care home. She becomes solely dependent on her sister after her parents' murder.

After a few years go by, Sakura volunteers to help children in foster-care home and she meets Hanna and Homika, who she takes interest in. She later adopts them and takes care of them, teaching them everything she had learned from Ffion.