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Echo is a second Shinigami of Ffion Griffiths. He got feelings for Shadow, Ffion's first Shinigami.


This Shinigami is a skeletal-like figure, and is humanoid in appearance. The Shinigami limps as if his leg is injured. He has a wide mouth, turned upwards as if he's grinning, and has bright red eyes. His hair is spiked and he wears a red tie as a headband. He dons a brown coat, a pair of goggles, and carries a messenger bag. The Shinigami also carries a large skeletal object which he uses like a hammer or a scythe.


He is intelligent Shinigami and seems to have a obsession with Ffion's homemade cakes. He don't tell anyone the information they wanted but Ffion and Shadow and seems over-protective with Ffion and Shadow. He find humans "pathetic and rotten". He enjoyed watching humans die.