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Death Note - NEW WORLD

Synospis:Six years, after the death of Light Yagami, a mysterious Shinigami appears and gives his note to Matsuda's and Sayu's son that tries to become the god of the new world.

Death Note - New World


Taiyo Matsuda is the Neo Kira or N-Kira. He believes in the New World Theory created by his uncle, Light Yagami, his note belongs to a mysterious Shinigami that doesn't want to tell his name. Taiyo is the son of Matsuda and Sayu Yagami. He is a good student and wants to become the President of major nations. Tayo begins to kill criminals when his best friend dies at the hands of the Mafia.

Near is the greatest detective in the world and the leader of the organization SPK, being able to defeat the original Kira, Light Yagami. He becomes really interested in N-Kira and quickly announces that he will catch him. Near is now an adult and starts a new school of sucessors.

TSL (True Sucessors of L):

  • Zero is a new detective that wants to catch N-Kira first than Near to become the greatest detective in the world. He is revealed to be L's true sucessors, so he creates a group called, TSL "True Sucessors of L".
  • Y is Zero's right hand. He's also one of the greatest detectives in the world.