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This story Death Note: Standing Apart is written with the intent to not break Death Note canon, and to fit perfectly into the established Death Note universe.

"Death Note: Standing Apart" is a fanon by NomadMusik, detailing the events 7 years after the inital events of Death Note.


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  • Jeremy Stratus (Standing Apart) (Main Protagonist #1)
  • Nikolas Claus (Standing Apart) (Main Protagonist #2)
  • Light Yagami (Standing Apart) Light Yagami's Spirit
  • Ryuk (Standing Apart)
  • Joesph Stratus (Standing Apart)
  • Laura Stratus (Standing Apart)
  • Joesph Stratus Jr. (Standing Apart)
  • The Dealer (Standing Apart)
  • Tyriaka Mikami (Standing Apart) Agent Teriyaki
  • Rosanne Noel (Standing Apart) Agent Heartless
  • Near (Standing Apart) (Main Antagonist in the Massacre Season, otherwise, Main Protagonist #3)
  • L (Standing Apart) L's Spirit
  • Beyond Birthday (Standing Apart) Unnamed Shinigami

(I will eventually replace <REDACTED> with actual names.)

Theme Songs

Under Construction!

Massacre Season

Calling To The Night ~ Natasha Farrow

Unforgivable Season

Won't Back Down ~ Eminem featuring Pink

During the "Intoxicated" Chapter: One Hit Wonder ~ Joey Galaxy

Betrayal Season

Getting Away With Murder ~ Papa Roach


What Do You Want...: We're In Heaven ~ DJ Sammy featuring Cascada

We're Near...: Unknown.

Bitter-Sweetness...: Far Away ~ Lecrae

Plot Summary

5 days ago, an 18 year old named Nikolas Claus was wandering around Germany, when he spotted a book that read "Death Note." The moment he touched it, he saw a Shinigami, who called himself Ryuk. When he read the book, he found out who it originated from: Light Yagami.

Now, it was 16 year old Jeremy Stratus's birthday. He only got one things from his twin brother, a notebook similar to the one Light Yagami had. Jeremy thought this was a joke, and asked him where the real gift was. He wasn't kidding. All of a sudden, he saw a spirit who looked exactly like Light.



This list can be updated at anytime, with the introduction of seasons, movies, and the deletion of each.

The Massacre Season (Season 1)

This season introduces the main protagonists, Jeremy Stratus and Nikolas Claus.


Far Away... Somewhere...

Fight For What's Wrong...

MentaL Light

Calling To The Night

The Unforgivable Season (Season 2)

This season contains the death of <PERMANENT REDACTION> and <PERMANENT REDACTION> replaces him in his place in the story.



Worst I Ever Had...

The Betrayal Season (Season 3)

This season contains the Unnamed Shinigami, L's Spirit and Light Yagami's Spirit, pitted against each other.


Your Love...

I♥U... Not.

The Epilogue



What Do You Want... (series finale, part 1)

We're Near... (series finale, part 2)

Bitter-Sweetness... (series finale, part 3)


  • The SA in the title has a special meaning: The first two letters of SAyanora.