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Light's corps had just been found. "Kira has been found by N. Kira is also dead, found with several gun shots in his arm. We have ben told that he is Light Yagami"reported the news.

"I honestly can't fucking belive it" muttered Sayu the sister of Light. She looked at her hand.

"Father died because of him, We morned together" She grabbed her coat and was planning to go to the wear house where Light was found. She rushed to the door.

"I wanna get the bastard" When she opened the door Matsuda was there.

"Hello. How are you?" Matusda asked. Sayu wasn't amused.

"What are you doing?" Matsuda shrugged.

"I need someone to talk too." Sayu giggled but then remember about what Light had done.

"Not the time Matsuda." She walked off. Matsuda followed her. Sayu was clearly getting agitated.

"What do you want?" she asked. Matsuda stuttered. He smiled.

"Near sent me, He wnats to know wheater you knew about Light" Sayu made a sarcastic laugh, she walked off. Matsuda reached something out his pocket.

"Sayu, your under arest, for the susbition of Helping Light, Get on your knees!" Sayu straddled onto them. She though about the truth, did she really not know, had Light even said anything about Kira. She remembered an evening, when her Father nobaly admitted that he was on this case, and Light promissed that if Kira had done anything to him he would step in, and catch him. But Light was him. A tear dropped from her eye. Matsuda smiled.