Death note programed is an fanon story by goku259 detailing the events 5 years after the death of light yagami

Main Charatcers

Himui Toda


Plot Overview

Death note programed is centered around the actions the main charatcer himui toda a very talent computer programmer makes after he receives a very strange message that when he opened changed the world forever by creating the kira corps website where anyone could join and discuss everything kira related and the latest kira the one who founded website and somehow gains the power of a internet based death note anyone could request his services after he looks up the person they want to die and himui making sure it's justic the act of murder is carried out.


Season 1

This season details how kira corps came about as well as the new kira and near the world greatest detecive actions aganist this kira

the way the world is

a gift of fate


near strikes

I will not lose

Season 2

This season details the start of the battle between himui and near

First move

battle of the masterminds



what have I become

Season 3

begins when near goes off to atone for his sins during season 2 and be "reborn" in a sense meanwhile the public starts to lose faith in the current kira (which is himui) as a new kira appears himui being weakended from his battle with near in both body and mind has trouble dealing with the new kira who goes by the alias nobody which he could easliy defeat if in peak condition


what makes a kira



near returns

nobody is revealed

Season 4

Details the founding of a new battle between near and himui with near taking the upper hand and himui finding his true reason for being kira and accepting it

SPK refounded

counter mesaures

trust of the people


I will fight

Season 5

begins when near discovers that the new kira is a student and pinpoints himui as a prime suspect and after enrolling in his school begins to get close to him and the two eventually figures out who each other is and tention raises when ever they're near and attemtps to use another to their advantage





behide the eyes


Season 6

details the final battle between Near and himui and starts as himui is exposed to the public as kira and is found by an expected player in the final game


no where to go

found by no one

a final strike

the battle begins

nobody's betrayal

death of a program