Death Note: Our Truths is property of 皇帝クリーザちゃん

Death Note: Our Truths is the somewhat brief tale of a new Kira becoming dangerously obsessed with spreading justice throughout the world, taking place 9 years after Light Yagami's death.




Kira is reborn; a bold and merciless plan to restore justice to all the world is put into motion; a teenager walks the tenuous line between godhood and serial murder.

I. Cravings (渇望かつぼう)
II. Murder (殺害さつがい)
III. Keen (切実せつじつ)
IV. Accident (偶然ぐうぜん)
V. Justice (公平こうへい)

Near vs. C; J-Kira vs. F-Kira; L vs. Kira; a simple businessman vs. a twice-failed chef. Truth never changes.

VI. Hokkaido (北海道ほっかいどう)
VII. Betrayal (裏切りうらぎ)
VIII. Daybreak (あけぼの)
IX. Truth (まこと)