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This story Death Note: Eru Desu is written with the intent to not break Death Note canon, and to fit perfectly into the established Death Note universe.

Death Note: Eru Desu is a fan fiction which takes place 7 years after the events of Light Yagami. It's name originates from the Japanese way to say "I'm L".


List of main characters appearing in Death Note: Eru Desu:

  • Near
  • Touta Matsuda (Eru Desu)
  • Shuichi Aizava (Eru Desu)
  • Hideaki Hirayama
  • Ahatake Hirayama
  • Gin Hirayama
  • Hitoshi Hirayama
  • Akari Hirayama
  • Ryuk (Eru Desu)
  • Rikou Uchiwa
  • Anashi


  • Death Note: Eru Desu's song is the original first opening used in Death note.
  • Death Note: Eru Desu's ending is the first ending used in Death Note.

List Of Seasons

Seasons by order as well as the chapter which they are consisted of will be posted here: To be added...