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Cendre LeClaire Charbonneau is a Mafia's messenger. Her name basically means Ash Bright Charcoal. Cendre is a best friend with Eloisa (the french model also part of the Mafia).


Cendre dyed her hair ash blonde and teal eyes. She is French (with a strong accent in English). She mostly wear black t-shirt, black jeans and black converse with black gloves and black collar.
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Cendre is loud, cheeky, a bit clumsy and easily distracted but when in action, she is sly and know her way around. She have a strange obsession with fire and explosives. She is a true pyromaniac at heart and a skilled master of disguise in order to send the messages along safely. Cendre has a terrible case of attention deficit disorder which means she can often be found lost in thought or changing the subject quickly.


Cendre adored his father who is a skilled sniper but died few later when Cendre is 5 years old. Cendre lived with her grandfather who is Italian. Her grandfather taught Cendre all his knowledge. When Cendre is 14, her grandfather died from heart attack. Cendre ran away because she don't want to end up in orphan home. Cendre used all her skills and knowledge to survived on the streets. A year later, Cendre bumped into William and she caught an attention from William. Cendre aplogised and walked off. William trailed after her and saw her in action and was impressed. William clapped his hands which startled Cendre and told Cendre that he is a leader of the Mafia and request Cendre if she would like to join. Cendre was shocked and decided to join Mafia and became the messenger.


  • "Not all Maids dress like this!! And just because I'm French does not mean I dress like this!"
  • "Delivery for you. . ."
  • "The outfits are cute~ But I still won't clean for you."
  • "My father was a sniper, he taught me a few things. . . I may be just a messenger, but I deliver bullets every now and then..."
  • "Eh..What's the worst that can happen?"
  • "Monsieur, un Message Pour Vous" (Mister, a message for you...)
  • "Vous ne voudriez pas tirer sur le messager" (You would not shoot the messenger)