• AriadneN

    New to the Fandom World

    November 20, 2016 by AriadneN

    Hello, I'm Ariadne, I'm new here, so please don't ring my neck if I goof up on the canon! ;) 

    To be honest, I don't know much about the canon. I only recently found out about Death Note. I've watched a few of the animated episodes, and a few clips from the movies. At the moment I have the movies on order from Amazon, so once I get them I will be able to follow the story more. If you knew how I got into Death Note, you would either laugh or think me a total nut, but either way the thing that sucked me in was a fascination with Ryuk. 

    I am working on a fic, if it's permissible to put it here when it's done. The only Death Note character involved is Ryuk, and the others are a few characters I've created. It eludes to the Death Note story line, …

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  • Zanezatasukithedarklord

    Right now I am working on a second season idea for death note, and a role play character story that, like Light Yagami, is or wants to be a god like figure and I'm struggling to make a plot line for problems. i thought maybe darkness became to uncontrolable for the user of darkness and has to result to using light. Lately I've been syncing both my ideas together so it's been hard thinking about one thing, and another. 

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  • Zanezatasukithedarklord

    Right now I am writing a book on death note, a second season if you will. Plus I am also writing my characters story. Here is the thing, he god mods everything, has all these powers; right?; and can do all this stuff for good. But here is everyones question? what is his Enemy? what is his conflict, what is going wrong with him? Everything. He has everything going wrong in his head but he controls his own life to the point he puts himself at ease and peace to stay alive. All for the sake of those who want to stay alive.

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  • DarkHunter89

    I'm currently at the end of Season 14......... I'll post the story later. :)

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  • DarkHunter89
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  • DarkHunter89


    August 12, 2014 by DarkHunter89

    I love this wiki. More than the Death Note wiki.

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  • KidVegeta


    August 12, 2014 by KidVegeta

    This is a personal list of what I, KidVegeta, deem to be canon to the Death Note universe. Anything that I deem to be non-canon can (and very well may!) be contradicted in my fanon pages without becoming non-canon friendly.

    1. The 12 Death Note manga volumes + volume 13 "How To Read".
    2. Death Note One-Shot Special.
    3. Death Note: Another Note.
    4. The 37 Death Note anime episodes (excluding contradictions with the manga).
    5. L: The Wammy's House.
    6. L: One Day.

    1. The Death Note anime contradictions with the manga.
    2. Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God.
    3. Death Note Relight 2: L's Successors.
    4. Death Note (live action film).
    5. Death Note: The Last Name.
    6. L: Change the WorLd (live action film).
    7. L: Change the WorLd (novel).
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  • KidVegeta

    New Achievements

    August 11, 2014 by KidVegeta

    KidVegeta here! I will be adding a series of new achievements to the wiki as well as adding pictures and new names to the existing ones. Each achievement tier is tied to the below categories. I will try to work on them as much as I can, but it will take me some time to find pictures for all of these achievements. Anyway, happy editing!

    • Male
    • Females
    • Kira
    • Detective
    • Criminals

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  • Queen Maori

    Okay so while I was editing something I was thinking to myself and wondering who I'd kill if I had a Death Note. So I was wondering who anyone of you would pick to write down and kill in your Death Note (BESIDES KIRA!) I mean there's so many people I'd like to kill but not...permanently, just sometimes. It doesn't necessarliy have to be somone in Deat Note it could be someone irl XD.

    Please comment

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  • Queen Maori

    Newbie Here

    September 28, 2013 by Queen Maori

    Hello everyone ^_^ I am new to this wiki and I joined it because I absolutely love Death Note, I can't believe I'm already ranked #12 and I only just joined. Well just wanted to say hi and show my existence via making a blog.

    Bye everyone

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  • FanofAll

    This is Cool

    July 26, 2013 by FanofAll

    This is so cool. I'm a bit new to Death Note, but I think I'm  getting it. 

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  • Ffi4ever


    July 19, 2012 by Ffi4ever

    Can you create a page for a fanfiction. People (like me) here want to create a fanfic for everyone to read. I would like to make fanfic to let my Death Note imagination flow...

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  • TheAlpaca

    Le Boredom

    April 18, 2012 by TheAlpaca

    hmmmm... this Wikia concept isn't a new one to me - I have been using Wikia for quite some time, but I never bothered to create an account before now.

    What is this new-found inspiration? Boredom? Or something else... meh, probably boredom.

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  • NomadMusik

    "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

    -William Shakespeare.

    The templates from DBFanon have driven away many users, yet, it has been useful to looking at articles. Will there be similar templates here?

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  • Supersaiyian11

    I have decided to stay here for the remainder of my ban on DBFwiki. After that ban is over I will return there but will still make stories here. I decided to join you guys here after watching Death Note and immeditately liking it. This blog is to annouce my stay.

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  • Raging Blast


    February 4, 2011 by Raging Blast

    Hey, I choose to make a Fan-Fiction here and I need help with a name. I'm going to give some general info. of what I'm trying to accomplish.

    Info. The story will take place 7 years after the Light Yagami incident. It will follow Near as a main character (Opposite of the stories where Light was the main) who now has became more like L, both mentally and physically. The new Kira is trying to do what the past Kira failed. He wants to achieve perfection, to kill anyone in his path. Unlike Light, he is doing it more effectively. He learned on Light's mistakes, and is ready to attack now. What I am trying to accomplish is to show the interactions of Near and the new Kira, the fight to outsmart each other.

    • Death Note: The Distance
    • Death Note: Perfect…

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  • NomadMusik


    December 25, 2010 by NomadMusik

    Yes, I'm going to start a fan-fiction on here. But I can't choose out the name. Here are my current options:

    1. Death Note: Standing Apart
    2. Death Note: Striking Assassins
    3. Death Note: Sayanora, Assassins (my least favorite)
    4. Death Note: So Alone
    5. Death Note: Sorrow Again
    6. Death Note: Stained Aggression
    7. Death Note: Stranded Atonement (my personal favorite)

    If anybody can choose for me, or think up a new one (SA has to be the initials, due to the fact that SA has a special meaning,), I would appreciate it.

    EDIT: There are two main characters.

    EDIT 2: As a note before reading, I haven't seen all of Death Note. The main characters are Ryuk, Jeremy Stratus (Age 16, lives in Cambridge, MA), Nikolas Claus (Age 18, wanders around as a Nomad in Germany), and . Jeremy and Nikolas ha…

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  • KidVegeta


    December 14, 2010 by KidVegeta

    As you probably have seen, I've updated the backrground image. Basically, it was a quick update, and I don't know if I want to keep it. But what do you think? And if you dislike it, do you have another image that you would rather have? If so, please tell.


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