Augustine by i luv waffles-d4i746n
Augustine Granger
Touko (younger brother)
Hyu (younger brother)
Bel (younger sister)
University professor

Augustine Granger is the most mature member of the "family". She is a university professor and takes care of the Yugari twins and Sakura. She is a mother-figure for Sakura, Homika and Hanna.


Augustine got short ginger/brown hair and forest green eyes. She wore green tube top with neon green and black striped tie. She wore a black long and elbow sleeve cardigan, black skinny jeans with black belt. She wore a white boot and is seen carried around wand, a habit which she used at Ho-oh University. Her alias is "Mari".


Augustine is a mature person and can tell if something is off. She is also very intelligent, but not as intelligent as Ffion and Sakura. She is stubborn and strong-willed.


She born in Australia and lived with her parents who are Japanese and her two younger brothers Touko and Hyu and a baby sister Bel. Her parents is over board so Augustine looked after her siblings. She moved to Tokyo when she applied for a job as professor in Ho-oh University when she is twenty-one-years old. She lived with her roommate Ami, but moved into Glass House when she learned about Ffion and Sakura, and looks after Sakura and Yugari Twins when Ffion is away.