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Debut Death Note: OT "Cravings" Chapter 1
Birthday January 6, 1971
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as Anthony Rester
Commander Rester
Mr. Richards
Sign Capricorn
Age (at start of Our Truths) 51 years old
Status at debut 2nd in command of the SPK
SPK spokesperson
Near's Caretaker
Relations Near
Knowledge 7/10
Conceptualization Power 6/10
Will to act 8/10
Motivation 8/10
Social Skills 7/10


Anthony Carter is a human featured in Death Note: Our Truths. Like Near and the rest of the SPK, Anthony goes by aliases, to prevent his death at the hands of Kira. His true name is Anthony Carter, but most regularly goes by Anthony Rester. In addition to his duties as head of the SPK under Near, he also is the unofficial caretaker of Near, acting as a sort of father figure to the 28 year old.




  • As Near has become more like L, in this story Anthony Carter has become more like Watari.