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Part One: The worst life.

I heard a screech of tire's dash across the car as a bulky man with a black leather coat pulled out a gun he came to do the side of the car shooting at the windows. My father was trying to hit his motorcycle but the man was in control he shot repeatedly at the car. I heard my father yell in pain he drove to the side and hit went off the road into a barrier of houses. I flipped forward into the windscreen smashing it. I saw the man speed off. I looked behind me both my parents were .....Dead. I collapsed down just hearing a faint sound of sirens.

1....2....3.... Clear! I heard shouting around me I couldnt open my eyes I heard it again as a shock went through my body i opened my eyes. He's okay! i heard a doctor shouting, Mr Warren you can come in now. I saw a man with a black suit on he looked important. "Alex i'm afraid to say your parents are dead..." Mr Warren explained how the biker was on drugs and how he commited suicide today. "It's not fair!" Alex shouted "why my parents!? why!?"

"Please Alex calm down I know it's hard... I know the feeling..." Mr Warren spoke gently.